CSS Inspections provides inspection services for:

  • Resale – As a buyer to protect your investment. As an owner to fully understand the value of your home and be positioned for maximum return on your investment dollars.
  • Maintenance – A maintenance inspection is a great method to ensure your home (investment) is in good shape for whatever the future will bring. If your home is 10+ years old, you will benefit from an inspection even if you are not planning to sell. Learn how to improve the quality of your home, many times for a very small dollar cost.
  • New Home– Tarion Warranty Inspections (Pre-Delivery (PDI), 30-day, 1-year, 2-year, 5-year)
    • It is very important to utilize the services of a professional Home Inspector for your new home purchase. Building a home is a large and complex undertaking requiring professional coordination between the builder and sub-trades. Mistakes happen and it is the Inspectors job to identify these errors to ensure proper corrective action can be taken.
    • The Tarion Warrant Program effectiveness to¬† you the home buyers works well if you identify and report all defects. The comment from our customers “I would never have thought of that…as a problem?” Is a common occurrence.
    • Note: Tarion is very strict on receiving their inspection forms; they must be submitted on time and must be complete. Tarion will generally not accept additional items that you may have forgotten to include. This can lead to an inability to hold the Builder accountable for errors.
  • Air Quality Sampling – Concerned about the quality of air in a home? Perhaps mold is present? Having a sample of the air collected and analyzed by a qualified laboratory is important we use the lab services of Sporometrics Inc.
  • Church Inspections – This is a special area that we have extensive experience with. We are very sensitive to the privacy concerns of the church environment.

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