Energy Savings Audit

Greg McHale of CSS Inspections was  Certified to perform Home Energy Audits under the National Resourcess Canada (NRCan) Eco Energy RetroFit program of providing grants to homeowners for upgrading the energy efficiency of their homes. This program is no longer available.

However it is important to ensure steps are taken to reduce your energy consumption. There can be some big dollar energy savings for a small effort or cost of upgrading. We have the tools to pin-point where energy is leaking out of your home. Clients who have been through this process are greatly surprsied by how large the draft areas are and most can be resolved easily.

Start saving money now by:

  1. Call to book an appointment, the audit generally takes 2hrs to conduct.
  2. A  Energy Advisor will arrive at the appointed time.
    • Will conduct a survey of your home energy environment
    • Will conduct a Blower Door test to assess how efficient the home is
    • Will walk the home owner through their home indicating areas for improvement
  3. The Advisor leaves and creates an Energy Assessment Report.
  4. The Advisor returns to present the Energy Assessment Report.
  5. Homeowner contracts or performs the upgrades themselves
  6. The Energy Advisor comes back to conduct a Post Assessment Audit
    • Will review all receipts for materials/work used as part of the upgrades
    • Validates work has been completed
    • Conducts another Blower Door test to assess the improvements

Did you know that the Ontario Government has passed the Green Energy Act?

Review the following documents (PDFs) for additional information:

Ontario a step closer to mandatory energy audits

Ontario Energy Audits